Silly Fred

Sarah was in the kitchen cooking dinner for her Valentine’s Day sweetheart, when she heard a knock at the door.

“Coming,” said Sarah, drying her wet hands off as she ran to get the door.… Read the rest


Vamp lives in a castle in Transylvania. He is a young vampire. He is not an evil vampire but a good vampire. Vamp lives with his sister, Melinda, who is also a good vampire.

Vamp … Read the rest


“What are you doing?” Racum Raccoon asked Bear, who was sitting on a log, crying his eyes out.

“Crying,” sobbed Bear.

“I know that,” said Racum. “But why are you crying?”

“Melissa doesn’t like me,” cried Bear.

“How do you … Read the rest

Kamloops winter

“Hey Jenny,” said the Neon Cop, laying down the keys to his firebird on the table. “Want to go skiing this weekend?”

“Oh!” screamed Jenny. “Can we?”

“Yes,” said the Neon Cop. “I have a free weekend pass to Sun … Read the rest


Fawn and his new friend, Misfit, were outside looking at the ice rink that Mr. Hansen had just built.

“Let’s go skating,” said Fawn.

“I can’t skate,” said Misfit.

“But everyone can skate,” said Fawn.

“Yeah,” said Misfit. “Everyone but … Read the rest

Fields and Mountains

“Make sure the children bundle up warm today when they get ready for school,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It is icy cold outside today.”

“The children aren’t going anywhere today,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is Saturday.”

“Are you sure … Read the rest