• vintage valentine girl raincoat

    Valentine’s Day Kisses

    “Hey Mom,” said five year old Jack. “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Our teacher said that we should bring Valentine’s cards and give them to the girls. I don’t like girls, Mom. Do I have to give cards to the girls?” …..

  • Gift Boxes

    Boxing Day

         “Fawn,” said Spot. “I am going shopping. Do you want to come?” “Are you just going grocery shopping?” asked Fawn. “No,” said Spot. “I’m going Christmas shopping.” “What!” exclaimed Fawn. “Christmas shopping! It is only the day after Christmas. …..

  • HDR Christmas Tree

    The Little Christmas Tree

    “Fawn, come on,” coaxed Spot. “Let’s go get our Christmas tree.” “I don’t want to,” said Fawn. “It’s too cold.” “Are you feeling alright?” asked Spot. “I thought that you would like to go get our tree.” “Actually, I’m not …..

  • DSC03147 - Merry Christmas 2012

    Fawn’s Christmas Party

    “It’s cold out today,” said Spot, coming into the barn from outside. “Yeah it sure is,” said Fawn, standing beside the open door. “I guess Christmas won’t be too far away,” said Spot. “Oh good!” exclaimed Fawn, happily. “I love …..

  • Christmas Tree

    Christmas Season

    “Spot,” said Fawn, angrily. “What are you doing?” “I’m whistling,” said Spot. “Why?” asked Fawn. “All it is doing is making noise.” “Fawn,” said Spot. “I always whistle while I put up the Christmas tree.” “Oh,” said Fawn. “I should …..

  • 2012 Stirling Santa Claus Parade_8051

    Santa Claus Parade

    I was watching the news on television the other night when the announcer talked about the upcoming Santa Claus Parade. Oh, I got so excited! I wanted to see Santa so bad. I had a bone to pick with him …..

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