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Rat Boy's Christmas Dinner

"Children," said Mother, about a week before Christmas. "Christmas is…
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Christmas Angel and the Christmas Wedding

On Christmas morning, Christmas Angel appeared at a nursing home.…
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Pirate Pete and a Christmas Bonus

Pirate Pete was in the cabin of his ship. He…
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Poor Mountain Family's Happiest Christmas

"Poor Mountain Brother," called Poor Mountain Mother. "You are going…
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Mr. Nailhead's Important Christmas Job

"It is almost Christmas," said Mr. Rodgers, to Steven, his…
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Pea Pod's Green Christmas

"It is much too warm for this time of the…
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Mr. Nailhead

Mr. Rodgers was a construction foreman who lived in Calgary,…
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Missy Big Words - Celebration

"I will be closing the garage for the Christmas holiday…
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Lovable Viking's Best Christmas Gift

"Good morning dear," said Lovable Viking, sitting down at the…
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Lil' Rebel and the Christmas Party

"Are you coming to my Christmas Eve party?" asked Lil'…
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Welcome to Bed Tyme Tales – Reading Stories to Children

Welcome to the Bed Tyme Tales – Reading Stories to Children website. We promote reading stories to children and we think reading stories to children is an essential part of every child’s life. Therefore, we believe the earlier a child is read to, the better. At Bed Tyme Tales, we have hundreds of children’s stories that are free for you read to your child. Using the Bed Tyme Tales website, reading stories to your children can be done quite easily. The stories can be read on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone and they can also be printed out as well.

Many Stories

Each story on the Bed Tyme Tales website was written by Deb Williamson. Deb Williamson is a Canadian born children’s author. She currently lives in Calgary, Alberta and has traveled throughout most of Canada. She has written many stories to date, most of which are available on the Bed Tyme Tales website. Deb Williamson makes it easy for you to be reading stories to children every night because of all the different stories she has written. There is a story on the Bed Tyme Tales website for everyone. Consequently, we hope you find your favourite stories to read. We hope you come back often because new stories will be added frequently.

Many Characters

As a result of all the stories that appear on the Bed Tyme Tales website, there are many characters that are featured. We are sure that you will find a favourite character and when you do, we encourage you to come back often to read more stories about your favourite character.