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Christopher Corn Today’s Story of the Day is:

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Current Story Challenges
Summer Flower

Summer Story Challenge 2018

  1. Beatrice Bee and Mr. Wasp
  2. Beatrice Bee and Summer Bugs
  3. Beatrice Bee and Summer Honey
  4. Beatrice Bee and the Hot Summer Sun
  5. Beatrice Bee and the Summer Buzz
  6. Desert Kid and the Desert Heat
  7. Desert Kid and the Hot Summer Day
  8. Desert Kid is Hot and Dry
  9. Desert Kid is in Hot Air
  10. Desert Kid Wishing for Rain
  11. Neon Cop and Summer Fun
  12. Neon Cop and the Ice Cream Robbery
  13. Neon Cop On a Camping Trip
  14. Neon Cop Went for a Swim
  15. Neon Cop’s Summer Chase
  16. Skinny Matilda
  17. Skinny Matilda and an Ice Cream Cone
  18. Skinny Matilda and Birthday Cake
  19. Skinny Matilda and the Bikini Contest
  20. Skinny Matilda Says “NO”
  21. Summer Sun
  22. Summer Sun and a Rainy Day
  23. Summer Sun and Matilda’s Spell
  24. Summer Sun and the Scorching Summer Heat
  25. Summer Sun and the Wicked Spell


Christopher Corn

Happy Loud Garden Story Challenge 2018

  1. Christopher Corn and a Happy Song
  2. Christopher Corn and a Positive Spin
  3. Christopher Corn and Laughter in Song
  4. Christopher Corn and the Happy Birthday Song
  5. Christopher Corn’s Happy Birthday Surprise

Story Wheel Challenge 2018

  1. Jen-Jen’s Missing Flowers
  2. Lil’ Rebel and the Candy Shoppe
  3. Mrs. Robin and the Ant
  4. Neon Cop and the Sand Castle
  5. Skinny Matilda and her Scary Dream
  6. Slow-Poke’s Stormy Day
Character of the Week
Bluey Bluebird

This Week’s Character of the Week is:

  • Bluey Bluebird
  1. Bluey Bluebird and a Clear Blue Sky
  2. Bluey Bluebird and a Happy Spring Day
  3. Bluey Bluebird Sweetness
  4. Bluey Bluebird’s Blueberry Spring
  5. Bluey Bluebird’s Happiest Spring
  6. Meet Bluey Bluebird

New Character
Desert Kid

Meet the brand new look of my character:

  • Desert Kid
  1. Cactus
  2. Cactus Water
  3. Desert Kid and the Desert Animals
  4. Desert Kid and the Desert Heat
  5. Desert Kid and the Hot Summer Day
  6. Desert Kid is Hot and Dry
  7. Desert Kid is in Hot Air
  8. Desert Kid Wishing for Rain
  9. Desert Kid’s Acorn Roast
  10. Desert Kid’s Early Christmas Gift to Mother

Featured Bed Tyme Tales Storyland Stories

Summer Flower

Summer Stories

  1. “A” is for Adventure
  2. “A” is for Apple
  3. “B” is for Bee
  4. “B” is for Breakfast
  5. “C” is for Cottage
  6. “D” is for Dragon
  7. “E” is for Eagle
  8. “F” is for Friend
  9. “H” is for Honey
  10. “S” is for Summer
  11. “S” is for Sunshine
  12. A Drop of Summer
  13. A Good Day for Fishing
  14. A Visit to the Bowmanville Zoo
  15. A Watermelon Kind of Day
  16. Angry Baker Does Not Serve Rude Customers
  17. Anything But Strawberries
  18. Apple Pie
  19. Apples on the Head
  20. Arrow and Cutie at the Beach
  21. Arrow and Cutie’s Summer Adventure
  22. Arrow’s Tree Climbing Adventure
  23. At the Park
  24. August in the Mountains
  25. Bad Summer Rain

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