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Story of the Day

Poor Mountain Family Today’s Story of the Day is:

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Larry Leprechaun enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day without drinking.

Today’s Moral of the Story is:

You don’t have to drink to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.

Today’s Word or Phrase of the Day is:

St. Patrick’s Day


Current Story Challenge

Angry Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Story Challenge 2018

  1. Angry Leprechaun and his Lucky Shamrock
  2. Angry Leprechaun and the Nasty Child
  3. Angry Leprechaun and the Test
  4. Angry Leprechaun is Angry About the Rain
  5. Angry Leprechaun’s Cup of Green Tea
  6. Annie Leprechaun and the Friendly Dragon
  7. Annie Leprechaun and the Green Wedding Dress
  8. Annie Leprechaun Finds a Four-Leaf Clover
  9. Annie Leprechaun is Honoured on St. Patrick’s Day
  10. Annie Leprechaun’s New St. Patrick’s Day Dress
  11. Lucky Leprechaun and Fool’s Gold
  12. Lucky Leprechaun and the Giant
  13. Lucky Leprechaun and the Lucky Carrot
  14. Lucky Leprechaun Finds the Missing Gold
  15. Lucky Leprechaun Tries to Find Good Luck




Character of the Week

Safety Kid

This week’s character of the week is:



  1. Autumn Safety
  2. Back to School Safety
  3. Christmas Safety
  4. Christmas Tree Safety
  5. Forest Fires
  6. Halloween Safety
  7. Meet Safety Kid
  8. Play Safe
  9. Safety Kid is Thankful for Being Safe
  10. Spring Safety


New Character

Pirate Pete

New Character:

Pirate Pete – Pirate Pete isn’t exactly a new character to Bed Tyme Tales Storyland but he does have a new look.


  1. Beatrice Bee and the Barrel of Rum
  2. It’s Time to Sail
  3. Meet Pirate Pete
  4. Pirate Pete
  5. Pirate Pete and a Christmas Bonus
  6. Pirate Pete and His Treasure Chest
  7. Pirate Pete in the Summer Seas
  8. Pirate Pete is Thankful for his Ship
  9. Pirate Pete Really is a Gentleman
  10. Pirate Pete’s Halloween Party


New Winter Stories

  1. Mountain Kid and a Beautiful Winter Day
  2. Mountain Kid and a Winter Walk
  3. Mountain Kid and the Ice Storm
  4. Mountain Kid’s Winter Paradise
  5. Mountain Kid’s Winter Stew
  6. Mr. Iceman and Ice Cubes
  7. Mr. Iceman and the Ice Sculpture Contest
  8. Mr. Iceman and the Iciest Winter Ever
  9. Mr. Iceman’s Ice Sculptures
  10. Mr. Iceman’s Icy Wonder

St. Patrick’s Day Stories

  1. A Drop of Summer
  2. A Four-Leaf Clover
  3. A Misty St. Patrick’s Day
  4. A Sunny St. Patrick’s Day
  5. An Extra Pot of Gold
  6. Angry Cat Hides a Leprechaun
  7. Angry Leprechaun and his Lucky Shamrock
  8. Angry Leprechaun and the Nasty Child
  9. Angry Leprechaun and the Test
  10. Angry Leprechaun is Angry About the Rain

Valentine’s Day Stories

  1. “L” is for Love
  2. “V” is for Valentine’s Day
  3. A Depressing Valentine’s Day
  4. Angry Baker’s Special Valentine’s Day Cake
  5. Angry Cat’s Valentine’s Day
  6. Arrow and Cutie Celebrate Valentine’s Day
  7. Arrow and Cutie’s Valentine’s Day
  8. Baby and Sparky’s Valentine
  9. Baby Face Monster Learns About Valentine’s Day
  10. Bear’s Happy Valentine’s Day

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