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Mrs. Tulip
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Current Story Challenges

Mrs. Tulip Spring Story Challenge 2018

  1. Everyone is Happy to See Mrs. Robin
  2. Mrs. Robin and Spring Sunshine
  3. Mrs. Robin and the Balsam Poplar Tree
  4. Mrs. Robin and the Coming of Spring
  5. Mrs. Robin is Afraid of Rain
  6. Mrs. Tulip and a Happy Spring
  7. Mrs. Tulip and Spring Rains
  8. Mrs. Tulip and Spring Snow
  9. Mrs. Tulip Loves Spring
  10. Mrs. Tulip Waiting for Spring





Mother’s Day Story Challenge 2018

  1. Acorn Family’s Mother’s Day Dinner



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Five Random Words Story Challenge 2018

  1. Jen-Jen Bakes an Apple Pie



Character of the Week


Gum Drop Family

Character of the Week Challenge

This week’s character of the week is:

  • The Gum Drop Family
  1. Baby Gum Drop Learns his Colours
  2. Gum Drop Family’s Christmas
  3. Meet the Gum Drop Family
  4. The Gum Drop Family
  5. The Gum Drop Family and Sugar
  6. The Gum Drop Family See a Rainbow
  7. Uncle Sour’s Birthday


New Character


Bluey Bluebird

New Character:

Bluey Bluebird – Bluey Bluebird is a brand new character on the Bed Tyme Tales Storyland website.

  1. Meet Bluey Bluebird

Spring Stories

Mrs. Tulip

Spring Stories

  1. “S” is for Springtime
  2. A Nice Long Walk
  3. Angry Cat’s Sunny Spring Day
  4. Beatrice Bee and Mrs. Robin
  5. Desert Rains
  6. Early Bird Catches the Worm
  7. Early Flowers
  8. Ellie’s Research Takes a Turn
  9. Everyone is Happy to See Mrs. Robin
  10. Fawn and Spot’s Spring Cleaning

Mother’s Day Stories


Mother’s Day Stories

  1. “M” is for Mother’s Day
  2. A Relaxing Mother’s Day
  3. Acorn Family’s Mother’s Day Dinner
  4. Angry Baker’s Mother’s Day Surprise
  5. Billy Troll’s Mother’s Day Song
  6. Bobby the Butcher Closes the Butcher Shop for Mother’s Day
  7. Caveman Jack’s Mother’s Day
  8. Forgetful Fred Forgot Mother’s Day
  9. Forgetful Fred Forgot to Make the Reservations for Mother’s Day
  10. Frankie Visits Mother on Mother’s Day



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