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Current Story Challenges

Mrs. Tulip Spring Story Challenge 2018

  1. Bluey Bluebird and a Clear Blue Sky
  2. Bluey Bluebird and a Happy Spring Day
  3. Bluey Bluebird Sweetness
  4. Bluey Bluebird’s Blueberry Spring
  5. Bluey Bluebird’s Happiest Spring
  6. Everyone is Happy to See Mrs. Robin
  7. Mrs. Robin and Spring Sunshine
  8. Mrs. Robin and the Balsam Poplar Tree
  9. Mrs. Robin and the Coming of Spring
  10. Mrs. Robin is Afraid of Rain
  11. Mrs. Tulip and a Happy Spring
  12. Mrs. Tulip and Spring Rains
  13. Mrs. Tulip and Spring Snow
  14. Mrs. Tulip Loves Spring
  15. Mrs. Tulip Waiting for Spring




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Five Random Words Story Challenge 2018

  1. Apple Monster and the Fallen Branch
  2. Arrow and the Turkey Sandwich
  3. Bad Teeth Bradley and the Bag of Candy
  4. Beatrice Bee and Happy Honey
  5. City Kid and the Night Skies
  6. Forgetful Fred and the Week at Camp
  7. Jen-Jen Bakes an Apple Pie
  8. Safety Flying a Kite



Christopher Corn  

Christopher Corn Story Challenge 2018

  1. Christopher Corn and his Passion for Music
  2. Christopher Corn and Sweet Music
  3. Christopher Corn Corrects His Mistakes with Music
  4. Christopher Corn’s First Anniversary at Loud Garden
  5. Christopher Corn’s Love of Music



Character of the Week


Character of the Week Challenge

This week’s character of the week is:

  • Scrunchie Monster
  1. Beatrice Bee and Scrunchie Monster
  2. Meet Scrunchie Monster
  3. Scrunchie and the Haunted House
  4. Scrunchie at the Halloween Dance
  5. Scrunchie Doesn’t Need a Halloween Costume
  6. Scrunchie is Spooked
  7. Scrunchie Monster
  8. Scrunchie Monster Decorates the Christmas Tree
  9. Scrunchie Monster in the Heat
  10. Scrunchie Saved the Day


New Character

Missy Big Words Missy Big Words – Meet the new look of my characters, Missy Big Words.

  1. Meet Missy Big Words
  2. Missy Big Words – Brightness
  3. Missy Big Words – Celebration
  4. Missy Big Words – Confused
  5. Missy Big Words – Determination
  6. Missy Big Words – Disagreement
  7. Missy Big Words – Interesting
  8. Missy Big Words – Malfunction
  9. Missy Big Words – Seasonal
  10. Respect

Spring Stories

Mrs. Tulip

Spring Stories

  1. “S” is for Springtime
  2. A Nice Long Walk
  3. Angry Cat’s Sunny Spring Day
  4. Beatrice Bee and Mrs. Robin
  5. Bluey Bluebird and a Clear Blue Sky
  6. Bluey Bluebird and a Happy Spring Day
  7. Bluey Bluebird Sweetness
  8. Bluey Bluebird’s Blueberry Spring
  9. Bluey Bluebird’s Happiest Spring
  10. Desert Rains

Christopher Corn Stories

Christopher Corn

Christopher Corn Stories

  1. Beatrice Bee Hears Loud Garden
  2. Christopher Corn
  3. Christopher Corn and Chard Benning
  4. Christopher Corn and Cobs of Corn
  5. Christopher Corn and Cornbread
  6. Christopher Corn and Cream Corn
  7. Christopher Corn and Fresh Veggie Salad
  8. Christopher Corn and his Passion for Music
  9. Christopher Corn and His Sanity
  10. Christopher Corn and Melted Butter




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