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The Christmas season brings us hope, joy and peace. Reading Christmas stories is a good way to instill those values on our children. You can read Bed Tyme Tales Christmas stories on any type of device you wish, whether it is a cell phone, tablet or laptop. You will be able to enjoy stories about Christmas concerts, forest animals,  Santa Claus and other great Christmas activities.

Bed Tyme Tales has lots of Christmas stories for you to read, like and share. Please see the list of Christmas stories below. We will be adding more in the near future so please visit often. We do encourage you to read, like and share your favourite Christmas stories on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. A Blue Christmas
  2. A Christmas with no Money
  3. A Lonely Christmas
  4. All I Want for Christmas…
  5. Angry Baker’s Christmas Proposal
  6. Angry Cat Lost his Christmas Spirit
  7. Arrow and Cutie’s Christmas Mix-Up
  8. Arrow’s Christmas Letter to Santa
  9. Arrow’s Christmas Wish
  10. Arrow’s First Christmas
  11. Arrow’s Reply to Santa
  12. Baby Face Monster’s First Christmas
  13. Becky Bobcat’s Christmas Miracle
  14. Billy Troll’s Christmas Concert
  15. Billy Troll’s Christmas Song
  16. Billy Troll’s Christmas Spirit
  17. Billy Troll’s Happiest Christmas
  18. Bobby the Butcher’s Christmas Disaster
  19. Boxing Day
  20. Caveman Jack’s Bright Christmas Star
  21. Caveman Jack’s Christmas Dinner
  22. Chester Chipmunk’s Christmas
  23. Chester Chipmunk’s Christmas Wish
  24. Christmas
  25. Christmas Angel
  26. Christmas Angel and the Christmas Wedding
  27. Christmas Angel and the Homeless Man
  28. Christmas Colours
  29. Christmas Decorations
  30. Christmas Eve
  31. Christmas Eve Concerts
  32. Christmas Gifts
  33. Christmas in BC
  34. Christmas in the Mountains
  35. Christmas in the Mountains
  36. Christmas Memories
  37. Christmas Safety
  38. Christmas Season
  39. Christmas Shopping
  40. Christmas Sing-A-Long
  41. Christmas Snow
  42. Christmas Snow
  43. Christmas Snow
  44. Christmas Spirit
  45. Christmas with Mountain Kid
  46. Christmas with the Forest Animals
  47. City Kid’s Christmas in the City
  48. Desert Kid’s Early Christmas Gift to Mother
  49. Edith’s Christmas
  50. Environment Bug and Christmas Waste
  51. Evil Elf and his Evil Deeds
  52. Evil Elf and No Christmas
  53. Evil Elf’s Christmas Gift
  54. Fawn and Spot’s Christmas Eve
  55. Fawn and Spot’s Christmas Tree
  56. Fawn and Spot’s Two Nights Before Christmas
  57. Fawn’s Best Christmas
  58. Fawn’s Christmas Memories
  59. Fawn’s Christmas Morning
  60. Fawn’s Christmas Party
  61. Fawn’s Christmas Present
  62. Fishing Kid’s Christmas on the Boat
  63. Forgetful Fred Forgets Christmas
  64. Forgetful Fred Forgets his Christmas Stocking
  65. Forgetful Fred Forgets the Christmas Tree
  66. Frankie’s Christmas Proposal
  67. Grampy’s Christmas Nap
  68. Grampy’s Little Green Car and Christmas
  69. Grampy’s Little Green Car Helps Santa
  70. Hillbilly Bob Helps the Elderly at Christmas
  71. “J” is for Jingle
  72. Jen-Jen’s Christmas Flower
  73. Just Girlz’ Christmas Concert
  74. Lil’ Rebel and the Christmas Party
  75. Little Bear and Bandit’s Christmas Fun
  76. Little CrowLittle CrowLittle Crow is a small crow that lives with his Grandmother. He has a cousin, Jake, that likes to tease him. His grandmother protects him from Jake. He lives in the Canadian prairies. and the Christmas Pie
  77. Little Lost Puppy
  78. Lovable Viking’s Best Christmas Gift
  79. Merry Christmas to Becky Bobcat
  80. Missing Reindeer
  81. Missy Big Words – Celebration
  82. Mountain Kid and Christmas Snow
  83. Mr. Egghead and the Christmas Breakfast
  84. Mr. Nailhead’s Important Christmas Job
  85. My Alien Friend
  86. Not Even a Lump of Coal
  87. Pea Pod’s Green Christmas
  88. Pirate Pete and a Christmas Bonus
  89. Poor Mountain Family’s Christmas
  90. Poor Mountain Family’s Happiest Christmas
  91. Prairie Kid and a Warm Christmas
  92. Preparing for Christmas with Fawn and Spot
  93. Racum’s Best Christmas
  94. Rancher Girl’s Rich Christmas
  95. Rat Boy’s Christmas Dinner
  96. Safety Kid – Christmas Tree Safety
  97. Santa at the Laundromat
  98. Santa Claus Parade
  99. Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney
  100. Santa has a Toothache
  101. Santa is Confused
  102. Santa Writes to Arrow Again
  103. Santa’s Castle
  104. Santa’s Letter to Arrow
  105. Santa’s Sleigh
  106. Scrunchie Monster Decorates the Christmas Tree
  107. Silly Fred Forgets the Christmas Turkey
  108. Silly Snake Wants a Kitten
  109. Silly Snake’s Christmas
  110. Silly Snake’s Christmas Dinner
  111. Silly Snake’s Christmas Fun
  112. Subway Sam’s Christmas
  113. Subway Sam’s Helping Hand at Christmas
  114. The First Christmas
  115. The Little Christmas Tree
  116. The Missing Christmas Toys
  117. The Night Before Christmas
  118. The Tale of Mad Dog’s Christmas
  119. The Year Racum Almost Missed Christmas
  120. The Year Santa’s Reindeer Went Missing
  121. There is a Santa Claus
  122. Tiki Bug’s Christmas Smile
  123. Time Zone’s and Christmas
  124. Tomorrow
  125. Travelin’ Rick Talks to Santa
  126. Travelin’ Rick’s Best Christmas
  127. Travelin’ Rick’s Christmas
  128. Travelin’ Rick’s Christmas at Home
  129. Trickster Bunny’s Tricky Christmas
  130. Troll Family’s Christmas
  131. Troll Family’s Christmas Fun
  132. Ugly Sally and the True Meaning of Christmas
  133. Who Stole the Christmas Cookies
  134. Wooden Rocking Horses



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