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Easter time is a fun-filled holiday full of bright colours, chocolate and a bunny that is cranky. Bed Tyme Tales Storyland has lots of Cranky BunnyCranky BunnyCranky Bunny is very cranky when he wakes up. He likes to yell at people who don't like Easter. He lives in the woods. His best friend is Julie, who always apologizes for him. He lives with his mother and Aunt Sarah. Julie is the mayor's niece. He is a cranky attitude and then an even crankier attitude and then an absolute crankier attitude. stories for you to read, like and share.

List of Cranky Bunny Stories

  1. Cranky Bunny - March 18, 2017
  2. Cranky Bunny and No Easter - March 25, 2017
  3. Cranky Bunny and the Bunny Trail - March 25, 2017
  4. Cranky Bunny and the Coloured Easter Eggs - March 26, 2017
  5. Cranky Bunny and the Easter Egg Hunt - March 26, 2017
  6. Meet Cranky Bunny - March 18, 2017

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