Easter Lily

Easter Lily Stories

Easter LilyEaster LilyEaster Lily is a flower that walks and talks. She lives in a flower garden and talks to people who are sad. She comes alive at Easter time. Her best friend is Renee Chickadee. is a real live plant that walks and talks. She lives in a beautiful garden and her goal is to make everyone around the garden she lives in happy. Bed Tyme Tales has lots of Easter Lily stories for you to read, like and share.

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Meet Easter LilyMarch 16, 2017
Easter LilyMarch 16, 2017
Working on EasterMarch 19, 2017
Easter Lily and the Easter DressMarch 20, 2017
Easter Lily Makes Grandma HappyMarch 21, 2017
Easter Lily Saves EasterMarch 22, 2017



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