Learn New Words Stories

Bed Tyme Tales has five different Learn New Words characters, Alphabet AllieAlphabet AllieAlphabet Allie is a young girl that likes to learn about the alphabet. All her friends names start with the letter of the alphabet the story is about., Master Action WordsMaster Action Words loves to learn different action words. He has a cat, Mr. Whiskers and he lives with his mother. His best friends are Billy and Harold., Master Hurtful WordsMaster Hurtful Words wants to take a stance on people being hurt by others using hurtful words. His best friend is Jillian., Missy Big WordsMissy Big WordsMissy Big Words loves to learn about big words. She lives with her Dad. Her dad works on cars in his garage. Suzie is her best friend. and Missy OppositeMissy Opposite loves to learn about words that are opposite of each other. She lives with her mother. Her best friend is Sammy. Words. Each of these characters have several stories for you to read and enjoy.

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