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Mountain KidMountain KidMountain Kid is the oldest of the Canadian Family brothers. He lives just outside of Kamloops, British Columbia. He lives in a log cabin in the mountains. is a Bed Tyme Tales Storyland character that I created because one of my favourite places in Canada is the mountains in British Columbia. Mountain Kid is the oldest member of the Canadian FamilyCanadian FamilyThe Canadian Family live throughout Canada's provinces from one coast to the other. They like to go on adventures and love their country very much.. Bed Tyme Tales has lots of Mountain Kid stories for you to read, like and share.

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August in the MountainsJuly 18, 2006
Autumn in the MountainsNovember 9, 2005
Canadian SummerMay 22, 2007
Spring in the MountainsJanuary 29, 2007
Summer in the MountainsMay 13, 2005
Waiting for Spring in the MountainsDecember 20, 2005
Winter Fun With Mountain KidNovember 30, 2005
Mountain Kid's Autumn HikeOctober 30, 2016
Christmas with Mountain KidNovember 26, 2005
Mountain Kid and Christmas SnowNovember 22, 2016
Christmas in the MountainsNovember 4, 2006
Mountain Kid in JanuaryDecember 4, 2007
DecisionsJune 5, 2010
Mountain Kid and the Bald EagleNovember 19, 2005
Valentine's Day in the MountainsJanuary 17, 2017
Mountain KidFebruary 13, 2005
Spring SafetyFebruary 12, 2009
MeteorsMarch 13, 2005
Meet Mountain KidMarch 19, 2017
Mountain Kid and Old GrizApril 23, 2005
Mountain Kid Goes to the City for Mother' DayMay 9, 2017



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