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Travelin’ Rick is my traveling character. He likes to travel throughout different areas of the world. His favourite place to travel is Canada, his home country. Bed Tyme Tales has lots of Travelin’ Rick stories for you to read, like and share.

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Christmas Safety01-Nov-06
Santa's Castle04-Oct-94
Travelin' Rick Talks to Santa22-Jun-08
Santa's Sleigh01-Nov-09
Travelin' Rick's Best Christmas01-Dec-10
Travelin' Rick's Christmas at Home14-Dec-16
A Visit to the Arctic10-Jan-93
Travelin’ Rick Goes South23-Nov-94
Travelin’ Rick Goes to the Fall Fair14-Aug-94
Travelin’ Rick Visits New Mexico10-Oct-92
Travelin’ Rick Visits Saudi Arabia09-Jul-92
Travelin’ Rick in the Country08-Jan-93
Travelin’ Rick’s Christmas25-Nov-04
Travelin’ Rick’s Winter Vacation30-Nov-05
Travelin’ Rick Visits the Easter Bunny07-Jan-93
Travelin’ Rick Goes Camping03-Dec-05
Camping Adventure26-Jul-05
Travelin' Rick Goes to School18-Dec-05
Summer Fun with Travelin’ Rick15-Dec-05
Autumn Leaves26-Sep-08
Wild Horses10-Aug-09
Calgary Stampede 201610-Jul-16
Farmer's Market02-Sep-10
Travelin’ Rick Goes to BC19-Jul-16
Play Safe16-Jul-16
Travelin' Rick Comes Home for Thanksgiving19-Jul-16
Travelin' Rick Goes to the Forest in the Autumn06-Sep-16
Travelin' Rick Visits Adams Lake, BC19-Sep-16
Travelin' Rick Finds Cupid21-Dec-05
Travelin' Rick Visits a Greenhouse23-Jan-95
Travelin’ Rick Meets Lucky Leprechaun25-Jan-07
Travelin' Rick Goes to BC18-Dec-05
Travelin' Rick Goes to Quebec17-Apr-02
Travelin' Rick in Outer Space22-Feb-93
It Works Now23-Feb-01
Baby Patrick19-Feb-10
Travelin' Rick Buys a New Computer06-Apr-94
Invasion of the Crows08-Apr-07
Traffic Jam25-May-01
Car Races09-Jul-01
Travelin' Rick Visits an Airport16-Sep-95
Centre Island31-May-01



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