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Current Story Challenges
Summer Flower

Summer Story Challenge 2018

  1. Beatrice Bee and Summer Bugs


Mrs. Tulip

Spring Story Challenge 2018

  1. Bluey Bluebird and a Clear Blue Sky
  2. Bluey Bluebird and a Happy Spring Day
  3. Bluey Bluebird Sweetness
  4. Bluey Bluebird’s Blueberry Spring
  5. Bluey Bluebird’s Happiest Spring
  6. Everyone is Happy to See Mrs. Robin
  7. Jen-Jen and Her Pretty Spring Garden
  8. Jen-Jen and the Magical Spring Flower
  9. Jen-Jen and the Spring Bunnies
  10. Jen-Jen and the Spring Spider
  11. Jen-Jen’s Box of Fresh Spring Flowers
  12. Mrs. Robin and Spring Sunshine
  13. Mrs. Robin and the Balsam Poplar Tree
  14. Mrs. Robin and the Coming of Spring
  15. Mrs. Robin is Afraid of Rain
  16. Mrs. Tulip and a Happy Spring
  17. Mrs. Tulip and Spring Rains
  18. Mrs. Tulip and Spring Snow
  19. Mrs. Tulip Loves Spring
  20. Mrs. Tulip Waiting for Spring
  21. Runner Rabbit and the Spring Marathon
  22. Runner Rabbit and the Spring Morning Rain
  23. Runner Rabbit and the Spring Sun
  24. Runner Rabbit’s Spring Walk
  25. Runner Rabbit, a Spring Picnic and a Spring Party
Father's Day

Father’s Day Story Challenge 2018

  1. “F” is for Father’s Day
  2. Bad Teeth Bradley Resists Candy on Father’s Day
  3. Bobby the Butcher Respects Father on Father’s Day
  4. Cranky Bunny Finds Father on Father’s Day
  5. Father’s Day for Billy Troll
  6. Fawn and Spot Have Father’s Day Dinner for Mr. Hansen
  7. Forgetful Fred Forgets the Barbecue Sauce for the Father’s Day Barbecue
  8. Grampy’s Little Green Car and the Father’s Day Drive
  9. Hillbilly Bob Spends Father’s Day with Father
  10. Lil’ Rebel’s Rebellious Father’s Day
Character of the Week
Pirate Pete

This week’s Character of the Week is:

  1. Beatrice Bee and the Barrel of Rum
  2. It’s Time to Sail
  3. Meet Pirate Pete
  4. Pirate Pete
  5. Pirate Pete and a Christmas Bonus
  6. Pirate Pete and His Treasure Chest
  7. Pirate Pete in the Summer Seas
  8. Pirate Pete is Thankful for his Ship
  9. Pirate Pete Really is a Gentleman
  10. Pirate Pete’s Halloween Party

New Character
Master Action Words

Meet the new look of my character, Master Action Words.

  1. Master Action Words – Chase
  2. Master Action Words – Pull
  3. Master Action Words – Run
  4. Master Action Words – Throw
  5. Meet Master Action Words

Featured Bed Tyme Tales Storyland Stories

Summer Flower

Summer Stories

  1. “A” is for Adventure
  2. “A” is for Apple
  3. “B” is for Bee
  4. “B” is for Breakfast
  5. “C” is for Cottage
  6. “D” is for Dragon
  7. “E” is for Eagle
  8. “F” is for Friend
  9. “H” is for Honey
  10. “S” is for Summer
  11. “S” is for Sunshine
  12. A Drop of Summer
  13. A Good Day for Fishing
  14. A Visit to the Bowmanville Zoo
  15. A Watermelon Kind of Day
  16. Angry Baker Does Not Serve Rude Customers
  17. Anything But Strawberries
  18. Apple Pie
  19. Apples on the Head
  20. Arrow and Cutie at the Beach
  21. Arrow and Cutie’s Summer Adventure
  22. Arrow’s Tree Climbing Adventure
  23. At the Park
  24. August in the Mountains
  25. Bad Summer Rain

Father's Day

Father’s Day Stories

  1. “F” is for Father’s Day
  2. A Special Father’s Day
  3. Apple Monster Meets his Father
  4. Bad Teeth Bradley Resists Candy on Father’s Day
  5. Billy Troll Takes His Dad Fishing on Father’s Day
  6. Bobby the Butcher Respects Father on Father’s Day
  7. Caveman Jack’s First Father’s Day
  8. Chester Chipmunk Visits Father on Father’s Day
  9. Cranky Bunny Finds Father on Father’s Day
  10. Father’s Day



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