Alphabet Allie

“L” is for Love

Alphabet Allie Stories Grade 4 Level Valentine's Day Stories Valentine's Day Story Challenge 2017

Alphabet Allie was with her friend, Larry. They were at the library. The library was very busy.

“‘L’ is for library,” said Alphabet Allie. “The library sure is busy today.”

“Yes,” said Larry. “It is. People are reading Valentine’s Day books. After all, it is Valentine’s Day.”

“I love Valentine’s Day,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘L’ is for love.”

“What are some other things that you love?” asked Larry.

“I love baby lions,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘L’ is for lions.”

“I love llamas,” said Larry. “They make me laugh. ‘L’ is for llamas and also for laugh.”

“I love lemons and limes,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘L’ is for lemons and also for limes.”

“I love lemonade,” said Larry. “‘L’ is for lemonade.”

“We should go get some lemonade,” said Alphabet Allie. “I love lemonade too.”

Alphabet Allie and Larry went to the corner store beside the library and they both enjoyed a drink of lemonade. They had a very enjoyable Valentine’s Day together.


Moral of this Story:

  • Valentine’s Day is for love.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie loves Valentine’s Day.

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