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Angry LeprechaunAngry LeprechaunAngry Leprechaun's real name is Tommy. He is always angry. He lives with his mother and is close friends with the elder leprechaun, Grand Old Leprechaun. is a character I created in 2009. I am Irish in descent so I have always been interested in leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day.

All leprechauns that I have read about have been mean and nasty. Angry Leprechaun is very angry and because of his anger, he can be mean and nasty at times.

Angry Leprechaun is a young leprechaun by the name of Tommy. Tommy lives with his mother in a village with other leprechauns. Mother will do anything for Tommy.

In the village of leprechauns lives Grand Old Leprechaun. He is the oldest and wisest of all the leprechauns. All of the leprechauns go to him for guidance and advice. Tommy is no different.

Grand Old Leprechaun is someone that Tommy looks up to and respects. He does listen to Grand Old Leprechaun. Grand Old Leprechaun always gives Tommy good advice and his advice helps Tommy stay out of trouble.

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