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My favourite place in all of Canada is the mountains. I absolutely love them. I have traveled throughout a western Canada several times and have lived out west as well. My love of the mountains inspired the character Mountain KidMountain KidMountain Kid is the oldest of the Canadian Family brothers. He lives just outside of Kamloops, British Columbia. He lives in a log cabin in the mountains.. He was created in 2005, while I was living in Kamloops, BC.

Mountain Kid is the oldest member of the Canadian FamilyCanadian FamilyThe Canadian Family live throughout Canada's provinces from one coast to the other. They like to go on adventures and love their country very much. characters that I have created. Mountain Kid lives in the mountains in British Columbia, Canada.

Mountain Kid owns one hundred acres of mountainous property. He built his own login cabin on the property. His property is covered in beautiful tall pine trees and his very own lake. Mountain Kid sees wildlife on a daily basis such as mountain sheep, bald eagles and grizzly bears. Mountain Kid is very active and is also very healthy thanks to the fresh mountain air.

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