Cranky Bunny

Cranky Bunny and the Easter Egg Hunt

Cranky Bunny Stories, Easter Stories, Grade 4 Level

Cranky BunnyCranky BunnyCranky Bunny is very cranky when he wakes up. He likes to yell at people who don't like Easter. He lives in the woods. His best friend is Julie, who always apologizes for him. He lives with his mother and Aunt Sarah. Julie is the mayor's niece. He is a cranky attitude and then an even crankier attitude and then an absolute crankier attitude. was at an Easter egg hunt with his best friend, Julie. It was a warm and sunny Easter morning. Everyone at the Easter egg hunt were having a lot of fun, everyone but Cranky Bunny.

“I am very cranky,” said Cranky Bunny with a cranky attitude. “How come I am the only one not finding any Easter eggs?”

“It is okay,” said Julie. “You will find some. I only have a few.”

“You have tons,” said Cranky Bunny, looking into Julie’s basket.

“Maybe you are looking in the wrong spot,” said Julie. “Maybe you should look over where I just was.”

“This is such a waste of time,” said Cranky Bunny, with an even crankier attitude. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner that I was looking in the wrong spot?”

“Don’t worry,” said Julie. “Just follow me. There are still lots of Easter eggs that are hidden.”

“I don’t know,” said Cranky Bunny, with the absolute crankiest attitude ever. “I don’t think looking in a different spot is going to make a difference.”

“Come on,” said Julie, taking Cranky Bunny’s paw and ignoring his cranky attitude. “I will help you find some Easter eggs.”

Julie walked around the field with Cranky Bunny and within a few minutes, she found an Easter egg hiding behind a rock.

“There’s one hiding behind that rock,” said Julie, pointing to the rock.

“You can have that one,” said Cranky Bunny. “I found lots already.”

Cranky Bunny was very happy. It wasn’t long before his Easter basket was full.

“Thank you,” said Cranky Bunny. “Thank you for showing me where I should be looking.”

“You are welcome,” said Julie. “Happy Easter, Cranky Bunny.”

“Happy Easter to you too,” said Cranky Bunny happily.


Moral of this Story:

  • Try looking in a different location.
  • Example: Julie showed Cranky Bunny that by looking in a different location he could find the Easter eggs.


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