Mrs. Tulip

Happy Mrs. Tulip

Grade 2 Level, Mrs. Tulip Stories, Spring Stories, Spring Story Challenge 2017

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Mrs. TulipMrs. TulipMrs. Tulip is a real live tulip. Her friends are Mrs. Robin and Mr. Squirrel. She is always happy and refreshing. She spreads her happiness around. to herself as she took her morning stroll through the garden. “The sun is shining and it is very warm. I am so happy.”

“Good morning,” said Mrs. RobinMrs. RobinMrs. Robin is always frightened of things. She lives in a nest with her three babies. She is always catching worms for them. Her nest is at the top of a tall balsam tree. when she saw Mrs. Tulip walking by her.

“Oh Mrs. Robin,” said Mrs. Tulip. “Good morning to you as well.”

“You seem very happy today,” said Mrs. Robin.

“I am very happy today,” said Mrs. Tulip. “It is warm out, the sun is shining and it is spring. I can’t think of three better reasons to not be happy.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Robin. “I do agree with you.”

Mrs. Tulip continued on her walk through the garden. She came across Mr. Squirrel.

“Good morning,” said Mrs. Tulip.

“Good morning,” said Mr. Squirrel. “I can see that you are very happy today. Is there a reason why?”

“Well,” said Mrs. Tulip. “There are actually three reasons. It is warm outside today, the sun is shining and it is spring.”

“Those are the best three reasons that I could think of as well,” said Mr. Squirrel.

Mrs. Tulip continued to be happy for the rest of that day and it was rubbing off on the others that lived in the garden as well.

“It is nice to see everyone so happy,” said Mrs. Tulip to herself that evening.


Moral of this Story:

  • Happiness can rub off on others.
  • Example: Mrs. Tulip’s happiness was rubbing off on others that lived in the garden.
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