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Angry CatAngry CatAngry Cat is always angry. He lives with his mother and his sister, Harriet. is a character I created in May, 2016. The reason I created him is because I had made a drawing of a cat that had an angry face.

Angry Cat lives in Calgary, Alberta with his mother and his sister, Harriet. Angry Cat is the type of cat that seems to get angry at any situation. Some of the situations he gets angry at, there is no real need for him to be angry.

Harriet is the calm, happy cat and she seems to be able to diffuse the situation with her brother. He does listen to her and he knows that what she says to him makes sense.

Most of the time, Angry Cat just lays around the house, soaking up the sun and stewing over whatever issue he seems to be angry with at the moment.

Despite his anger, Angry Cat does love his family very much and he would do anything to protect them. He is a very lovable cat and that is why Harriet spends so much of her time trying to figure out why he gets so angry.

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