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Bobby the ButcherBobby the ButcherBobby the Butcher runs the family butcher shop. He lives with his mom, Mary. His dad and Grandfather are both dead, because of a spell his Aunt Jessica put on them. Aunt Jessica dabbles in witchcraft. She is the black sheep of the family. She secretly married Desmond, the warlock. is a character I created as part of my Halloween and Monster Story Challenge 2016. Bobby the Butcher has a lot of issues that he is dealing with, concerning his family. Most of those issues he deals with is because of his Aunt Jessica.

The butcher shop that Bobby now owns belonged to his grandfather and then his father. Aunt Jessica had placed a spell on each of them. Aunt Jessica is the black sheep of the family. The reason for that is because she dabbles in witchcraft. The reason she dabbles in witchcraft is because she hangs around with a Warlock, Desmond.

Aunt Jessica cannot see what Desmond has cost her over the years. Her love for him has blinded her. She did get away from him for a few months and she was actually doing better. Bobby had her working for him and they were actually getting along quite well. However, she ended up marrying Desmond at Christmas. Bobby told her he never wanted to see her again.

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