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Fresh Veggie Family Stories, Meet the Characters

Farmer Fred owns a huge garden. One day he planted cauliflower, corn, onions, tomatoes and carrots. There was a thunder and lightning storm and his vegetables turned into real life, walking and talking vegetables. One of the real life vegetables is Christopher CornChristopher CornChristopher Corn is part of the Fresh Veggie family. I created him in honour of Chris Cornell. Christopher Corn has a very calm attitude. He can walk into a heated argument and the sound of his voice is calming. He experiments with different instruments and is the lead singer of the new rock band, "Loud Garden". Christopher's favourite instrument is the guitar.. Christopher Corn is a character I created in memory of the late Chris Cornell. Christopher starts a band in the garden, Loud Garden. The other vegetables are all a part of his band.

Chard BenningChard BenningChard Benning is a character I created in memory of Chester Bennington who died on July 20, 2017. Chester was the lead singer of Linkin Park and a friend of the late Chris Cornell from Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden and Audioslave., a character I created in memory of the late Chester Bennington, came to the garden in July. He had a band waiting for him when he arrived. It is Winking Park. Chard wanted to sing with his best friend, Christopher and Loud Garden.

Because of the success of having Christopher and Loud Garden and Chard and Winking Park, Farmer Fred decided he would open up the garden to other influential musicians who have passed away on Earth. Each musician will have a band waiting for him once he gets to the garden. The musicians are happy because they get to spend their time keeping their music alive.

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