Cameron Cauliflower

The Cauliflower Dance

Fresh Veggie Family Stories, Grade 4 Level

“It is a warm summer evening,” said Cameron CauliflowerCameron CauliflowerCameron Cauliflower is part of the Fresh Veggie family. He is very caring. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on he is there. Cameron loves to dance..

“It is indeed,” said Christopher CornChristopher CornChristopher Corn is part of the Fresh Veggie family. I created him in honour of Chris Cornell. Christopher Corn has a very calm attitude. He can walk into a heated argument and the sound of his voice is calming. He experiments with different instruments and is the lead singer of the new rock band, "Loud Garden". Christopher's favourite instrument is the guitar..

“Oh look,” pointed Cameron.

“There is a full moon out tonight.”

“Full moon,” sang Christopher. “Won’t you come out and play. You can sleep all day to nobody’s dismay. Full moon, full moon.”

While Christopher sang, Cameron decided to dance in the bright moonbeams were staring down upon him. Christopher joined him.

“This is so much fun,” said Cameron, dancing up a storm.

“It most certainly is,” said Christopher. “It is nice to be able to dance and express our freedom.”

“Oh it is,” said Cameron.

“It looks like Farmer Fred is coming out to dance with us,” said Christopher, seeing Farmer Fred walking toward them.

Cameron and Christopher continued to dance while they waved to Farmer Fred.

“Have you come to join us?” asked Christopher.

“Not exactly,” said Farmer Fred. “Do you see the big black storm cloud coming in from the east?”

“Uh no,” said Christopher. “I see it now though.”

“I guess I have danced up a storm, literally,” said Cameron.

“And a nasty one at that,” said Farmer Fred.

Cameron and Christopher both stopped dancing but the storm clouds that were approaching them kept rolling in.

“Let’s get to the barn,” said Farmer Fred. “And quickly. That storm is coming quick.”

Cameron and Christopher followed Farmer Fred. They made it into the barn just in time. The storm clouds opened up. It poured rain and thunder roared. There were lightning strikes lighting up the otherwise pitch black sky.

“Christopher,” said Cameron. “The next time I start dancing up a storm under a full moon, please stop me.”

“Good idea,” laughed Christopher.


Moral of this Story:

  • Have fun but don’t dance up a storm.
  • Example: Cameron Cauliflower was dancing up a storm, literally.
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