Calvin Carrot

Calvin Carrot and Mashed Carrots

Fresh Veggie Family Stories, Grade 3 Level, Summer Stories, Summer Story Challenge 2017

“We have a lot of practicing to do today,” said Christopher CornChristopher CornChristopher Corn is part of the Fresh Veggie family. I created him in honour of Chris Cornell. Christopher Corn has a very calm attitude. He can walk into a heated argument and the sound of his voice is calming. He experiments with different instruments and is the lead singer of the new rock band, "Loud Garden". Christopher's favourite instrument is the guitar.. “If we get it done early enough, then we can enjoy the rest of this warm summer day.”

“Good idea,” said Mrs. TomatoMrs. TomatoMrs. Tomato is part of the Fresh Veggie family. She believes she was married in a previous life. She is very tender. She is afraid to say no. She plays the harp and tambourine and she also does some singing.. “I, for one, don’t want to work all day long.”

“Okay,” said Christopher. “Let’s get started.”

Olive and Mrs. Tomato took their places on stage. Cameron CauliflowerCameron CauliflowerCameron Cauliflower is part of the Fresh Veggie family. He is very caring. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on he is there. Cameron loves to dance. started dancing as he made his way to the stage. Oliver OnionOlive OnionOliver Onion is part of the Fresh Veggie family. He is married to Olive Onion. Oliver loves to write poetry and just like his wife, he is open and honest. sat and watched, taking notes when he came up with some new material for new songs.

“Looks to me like everyone is here except for Calvin,” said Christopher. “Does anyone know where he is?”

“No,” said Olive. “I haven’t seen him.”

“I did see the carrot truck pull into the driveway about ten minutes ago,” said Cameron. “Wait, you don’t think he got mixed up with the other carrots, do you?”

“Oh dear,” said Christopher, jumping down off the stage. “If he did, he is going to be mashed carrots. We have to find him.”

Christopher and the rest of the Fresh Veggie familyFresh Veggie FamilyFarmer Fred owns a 100 acre farm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He decided that instead of raising cattle he was going to grow his own vegetables instead. He was looking forward watching his fresh veggies grow. One night Farmer Fred went to bed early and it poured rain. The next morning all his vegetables had arms, legs and were able to talk. The Fresh Veggie Family consists of Christopher Corn, Olive and Oliver Onion, Mrs. Tomato, Calvin Carrot and Cameron Cauliflower. ran out of the barn toward the carrot path. They got there just as the truck pulled away.

“Christopher,” cried Mrs. Tomato.” What are we going to do? Poor Calvin!”

“I will find Farmer Fred,” said Christopher. “Maybe he can call the truck driver and stop him before he dumps out his load.”

“Good idea,” said Cameron.

Christopher found Farmer Fred up by the barn. To his surprise, Calvin was there as well.

“We thought you were going to be mashed carrots,” said Christopher, hugging Calvin.

“You can ‘t get rid of me that easily,” said Calvin.

“Good,” said Christopher. “Now, let me get the others so we can start practicing.”

The rest of the Fresh Veggie family were so happy to see Calvin.

“We are so glad that you are not going to be mashed carrots,” laughed Oliver.

“Oh me too,” said Calvin. “Besides, I would much rather be frozen.”

“Frozen, mashed,” sang Christopher. “Just as long as you don’t end up a cake, a carrot cake in the oven to bake.”

The Fresh Veggie family were laughing so hard at Christophe’s new song lyrics.

“Great song,” laughed Calvin, taking his place at the drums.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is a good idea to not end up as mashed carrots.
  • Example: Christopher Corn felt better after talking to Farmer Fred.
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