Racum Raccoon

Little Yellow Bird

Grade 3 Level Racum Raccoon Stories Story Battle Stories Summer Stories Summer Story Challenge 2017

It was a very hot summer day. Racum Raccoon was taking a walk in the Big Dark Forest where he lived. As he walked, something caught his eye. On the top rail of an old fence, a beautiful little yellow bird.

“You have to be the most beautiful creature I have ever seen,” said Racum, in a whisper because he did not want to scare the little yellow bird away.

The little yellow bird ignored Racum. Racum crept up closer and closer. All Racum wanted to do was marvel at the beauty the little yellow bird. He was not at all prepared for what happened next.

As Racum took just one more step, he saw a glare in the eyes of the little yellow bird. Racum stood frozen with fear in the spot he was in. He was terrified.

Next, while Racum didn’t move a muscle, the little yellow bird started yelling at the top of its lungs.

“How dare you?” yelled the little yellow bird. “How dare you try to sneak up on me? What were you going to do? Were you planning on eating me for dinner? Shame on you!”

“Actually,” said Racum, wondering how he found the courage to speak. “I was just admiring how beautiful you look.”

“Are you sure?” asked the little yellow bird. “Because to me, it looked like you were sneaking up on me.”

No,” said Racum. “I truly wasn’t. I just wanted to get a closer look at you. I have never seen anything so beautiful.”

“Thank you,” said the little yellow bird, suddenly feeling horrible for the way he acted. “I am sorry for accusing you of something you never did. I feel so ashamed.”

“It is okay,” said Racum, now feeling happy that he didn’t have to remain frozen in one spot any longer. “I can understand why you thought what you did.”

“Good,” said the little yellow bird. “And, thank you for saying I am beautiful.”

“You are welcome,” said Racum.

“I sure could use a friend like you,” said the little yellow bird. “You could help me by telling others not to eat me.”

“I would be honoured to be your friend,” said Racum. “Also, yes, I will tell other not to eat you.”

Racum and the little yellow bird became best friends. Racum made sure that the other animals in the forest knew they were not to harm the little yellow bird.


Moral of this Story:

  • Friends will help you stay out of danger.
  • Example: Racum Raccoon told the little yellow bird he would help him keep the other animals away from trying to eat him.


Why do you think the little yellow bird screamed at Racum Raccoon?

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