Mrs. Tomato

Mrs. Tomato and her Previous Life

Fresh Veggie Family Stories, Grade 3 Level, Summer Stories, Summer Story Challenge 2017

“Great job today with practicing our new song,” said Christopher CornChristopher CornChristopher Corn is part of the Fresh Veggie family. I created him in honour of Chris Cornell. Christopher Corn has a very calm attitude. He can walk into a heated argument and the sound of his voice is calming. He experiments with different instruments and is the lead singer of the new rock band, "Loud Garden". Christopher's favourite instrument is the guitar..

“Thank you,” said Mrs. TomatoMrs. TomatoMrs. Tomato is part of the Fresh Veggie family. She believes she was married in a previous life. She is very tender. She is afraid to say no. She plays the harp and tambourine and she also does some singing.. “I appreciate your feedback. It is times like this that I wish my husband was around. I know that he would have loved hearing me sing.”

“How is that possible?” asked Christopher. “You said you were married to him in a previous life. Were you a singer in your previous life?”

“No,” said Mrs. Tomato. “I was actually very highly educated in my previous life.”

“What?” asked Christopher. “Like a college professor or a lawyer?”

“I was trained to be a lawyer,” said Mrs. Tomato. “However, I married young and didn’t pursue my career. My husband was very wealthy and in those days it was unheard of for women to work outside of the home.”

“I can’t picture you staying at home being a housewife,” said Christopher.

“Oh I was no housewife,” said Mrs. Tomato. “I had maids and butlers that tended to my every need.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Christopher. “That sounds like a pretty boring life. What did you do all day long?”

“I was a socialite,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“Oh,” said Christopher. “So, you hosted party after party .”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Tomato. “Only they weren’t parties. They were charities.”

“That is very commendable,” said Christopher, impressed. “I really don’t understand much about previous lives. How do you know you had a previous life and that you aren’t just imagining it?”

“I just feel it,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“Well,” said Christopher, who was a bit creeped out by what Mrs. Tomato had just told him.” To each their own, I guess.”

“Maybe someday you will find out who you were in a previous life,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“I really don’t think I want to know,” said Christopher, picking up his guitar and vowing it himself to never question Mrs. Tomato about her previous life ever again.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is hard for some to believe in previous lives.
  • Example: Christopher Corn was skeptical about Mrs. Tomato’s previous life.
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