Alphabet Allie

“S” is for Sunshine

Alphabet Allie Stories Grade 3 Level Summer Stories Summer Story Challenge 2017

Alphabet Allie was visiting with her friend, Steven.
“It is a warm summer day,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘S’ is for summer.”
“Yes it is,” said Steven. “We should go outside. ‘S’ is for should.”
“We can enjoy the sunshine,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘S’ is for sunshine.”
Alphabet Allie and Steven went to the park. They enjoyed the sunshine immensely. There were a lot of other children at the park. They had fun playing on the new swings that were
just installed.
“‘S’ is for swings,” said Alphabet Allie when she got her turn on them. “This is lots of fun.”
“Do you want to feed the squirrels?” asked Steven, buying a bag of peanuts. ‘S’ is for
“Yes,” said Alphabet Allie. “And then we should go get a strawberry ice-cream cone. ‘S’ is for strawberry.”
Alphabet Allie and Steven enjoyed their afternoon together, enjoying the sunshine.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to enjoy the sunshine.
  • Example: Alphabet ALlie and Steven enjoyed the sunshine.
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