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Hillbilly BobHillbilly BobHillbilly Bob lives a simple life. He lives with his Mom and Dad in the mountains and works at a gas station. He drives an old Ford pickup truck. His best friend is Pete. He is sweet on Theresa Ann, whom he just got engaged to. is a character I created in 2006. He is someone who is shy and laid back. He enjoys the simple things in life.

Hillbilly Bob lives in an old log cabin in British Columbia, Canada with his parents. He works as a gas station attendant. His best friend is Pete, who works at a different gas station. Hillbilly Bob is engaged to a local girl, Theresa Ann. Theresa Ann works at the flower shop in town.

Hillbilly Bob drives an old pickup truck. He likes working on his truck when he isn’t busy working or helping out the elderly. Hillbilly Bob is easily taken advantage of because of his sweet and kind nature.

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