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Tossed Salad

Fresh Veggie Family Stories, Grade 4 Level, Summer Stories, Summer Story Challenge 2017

Christopher CornChristopher CornChristopher Corn is part of the Fresh Veggie family. I created him in honour of Chris Cornell. Christopher Corn has a very calm attitude. He can walk into a heated argument and the sound of his voice is calming. He experiments with different instruments and is the lead singer of the new rock band, "Loud Garden". Christopher's favourite instrument is the guitar. and Cameron CauliflowerCameron CauliflowerCameron Cauliflower is part of the Fresh Veggie family. He is very caring. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on he is there. Cameron loves to dance. were helping Calvin CarrotCalvin CarrotCalvin Carrot is part of the Fresh Veggie family. He has a carefree attitude and he likes to give people advice. He doesn't care what others think of him. He likes to play the drums. set up a new microphone so that when Calvin does a drum solo, the sound of the drums can be picked up better. The three were running back and forth setting up wires. They were all so intent on what they were doing that they weren’t paying attention to what was going on around them.

“We need to run this wire over to the amp,” said Christopher.

Cameron went over to where Christopher was standing. He took the wire from Christopher and headed over to the amp with it. He didn’t see Mrs. TomatoMrs. TomatoMrs. Tomato is part of the Fresh Veggie family. She believes she was married in a previous life. She is very tender. She is afraid to say no. She plays the harp and tambourine and she also does some singing. enter the stage. He bumped right into her, almost knocking her over.

“Mrs. Tomato,” said Cameron.” I am so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention and I almost knocked you over.”

“No harm done,” said Mrs. Tomato.” Just be more careful.”

Cameron took a step back and he bumped into Olive OnionOlive OnionOlive Onion is part of the Fresh Veggie family. She is married to Oliver Onion. She is open and honest. She likes to sing.. She tripped and fell into her husband, Oliver OnionOlive OnionOliver Onion is part of the Fresh Veggie family. He is married to Olive Onion. Oliver loves to write poetry and just like his wife, he is open and honest.. She wasn’t hurt.

“What is going on here?” asked Farmer Fred, who just walked onto the stage and saw the commotion. “You Fresh Veggies remind me of a tossed salad. You are all running around the stage and bumping into each other. Let’s have some organization here before someone gets hurt.”

“Good idea,” said Christopher. “We don’t need any accidents.”

“Mrs. Tomato, Olive and Oliver,” said Farmer Fred.” Why don’t you take a break and come down off the stage until the men have finished with the wires?”

“Cameron,” said Christopher. “Once we have the microphone working, you, Calvin and I will work on cleaning up all these wires so nobody trips on them.”

“Great idea,” said Farmer Fred. “We need the stage to be as clutter free as possible.”

The men had the microphone working and all the wires cleaned up within the hour. Everyone took their place onstage and were just about to start practising, when Christopher tripped on his shoe face. He got up, tied his shoelaces and started to sing.

“Safety first,” sang Christopher. “Or we are all going to get hurt. We have been running around like tossed salad, looking like we have all gone mad.”

The rest of the Fresh Veggie familyFresh Veggie FamilyFarmer Fred owns a 100 acre farm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He decided that instead of raising cattle he was going to grow his own vegetables instead. He was looking forward watching his fresh veggies grow. One night Farmer Fred went to bed early and it poured rain. The next morning all his vegetables had arms, legs and were able to talk. The Fresh Veggie Family consists of Christopher Corn, Olive and Oliver Onion, Mrs. Tomato, Calvin Carrot and Cameron Cauliflower. laughed and Farmer Fred smiled and applauded.

“Love your new song,” said Farmer Fred.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always make sure your shoelaces are tied up.
  • Example: Christopher Corn tripped on his shoelace, after discussing safety issues with the rest of the Fresh Veggie Family.
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