Colour Kid

White Christmas

Christmas Stories Christmas Story Challenge 2017 Colour Kid Stories Grade 5 Level

Colour Kid grew up in Ontario, Canada and as a kid, he could always remember having a white Christmas. He remembers Christmas was a special time of year, very magical. As he grew up, some Christmases were green. He was not very fond of the green ones.

A white Christmas was magical because the snow made everything pure, clean and white. There is nothing like waking up Christmas morning, looking out the window and seeing snowflakes fall from the sky and stick to the ground. It made everything look clean and pure.

A green Christmas just doesn’t feel as special or magical. A green Christmas feels dull and boring. In Canada, the leaves on some trees fall of in the autumn season. These types of trees are deciduous trees. Once the leaves fall off, deciduous trees are left with nothing but their branches and their trunk. There are evergreen trees, which thankfully, stay green all year long.

Colour Kid does know that there are places in the world where there is no snow at all and in those places, a green Christmas is the norm. However, Colour Kid does prefer a white Christmas.


Moral of this Story:

  • A white Christmas is magical.
  • Example: Colour Kid feels a white Christmas is magical because snow at Christmas makes everything look clean and pure.


Do you prefer a white Christmas?

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