Apple Monster

Apple Monster and the Fallen Branch

Apple Monster Stories Five Random Words Story Challenge 2018 Grade 3 Level

Apple Monster was enjoying the HEAT of the day. He did see there was some hade under his APPLE tree. When the heat got too much for him, he went and sat under it.

The shade felt nice and there was a slight breeze. Soon, though, the wind picked up. A huge branch fell on top of him. Apple Monster got up and checked himself over. He noticed a MARK on his left arm. He thought it was just dirt.

There was a bucket sitting by the fence. The bucket was filled with water and there was a SPONGE floating on the top of it. Apple Monster scrubbed his left arm with the sponge and he noticed that the mark on his arm was actually a bruise.

“For the good of my HEALTH,” said Apple Monster to himself. “I better not sit under my apple tree when the wind picks up.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t sit under a tree when it is windy.
  • Example: Apple Monster got a bruise on his arm from a branch that fell on hiim when it became windy, while he was sitting under his apple tree.

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