Bluey Bluebird

Bluey Bluebird’s Happiest Spring

Bluey Bluebird Stories Grade 4 Level Spring Stories Spring Story Challenge 2018

It was a warm spring day. It was a little muggy outside but that was because it had just finished raining.

Bluey Bluebird flew over top of some very tall trees. She noticed a nest in one of the trees. That nest had four very small but very beautiful eggs in it. It didn’t look like there was anyone looking after them so Bluey Bluebird started caring for them.

Pretty soon, the eggs hatched. Bluey Bluebird was so excited and so happy. She was going to be a mother.

Once the babies had hatched, Bluey Bluebird saw that none of them were blue. They were all brown in colour. Bluey Bluebird didn’t care. She raised those four babies as her own and she loved them dearly.

Bluey Bluebird learned in time that her four babies were robins. She also heard other forest animals commenting about how good it was that she was taking these babies under her wings and raising them as her own.

“She is so happy raising those four robins as her own,” said Mrs. Chipmunk.

“Those babies are very lucky to have her for a mother,” said Mrs. Squirrel.

Bluey Bluebird loved those four baby robins so very much. Once they grew up and left the nest, they visited Bluey Bluebird often. She was, after all, the only mother they had ever known and they loved her dearly.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to feel loved.
  • Example: Bluey Bluebird found a nest of robin eggs and she raised the babies as her own.

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