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“F” is for Father’s Day

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“It is Father’s Day,” said Alphabet Allie. “Happy Father’s Day, Father. “F” is for Father’s Day and for Father.”

“Thank you,” said Alphabet Allie’s Father. “I want to have some fun today. ‘F’ is for fun.”

“What kind of fun did you want to have?” asked Alphabet Allie.

“I was thinking of going to that new restaurant and eat some fresh fish,” said Father. “‘F’ is for fresh and for fish.”

“That does sound like fun,” said Alphabet Allie. “That is your favourite spot. ‘F’ is for favourite.”

“And for dessert,” said Father. “I would like to have their fruit pie. ‘F’ is for fruit.”

“We will have a fantastic meal,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘F’ is for fantastic.”

“Yes,” said Father. “But I better change out of my work clothes first. ‘F’ is for first.”

“Good idea,” said Alphabet Allie, laughing. “You would look funny dining in your overalls. “‘F’ is for funny.”

Alphabet Allie and Father did enjoy a very nice meal together for Father’s Day. Father did have a fun Father’s Day.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have fun on Father’s Day.
  • Example: Father wanted to have a fun Father’s Day with Alphabet Allie.

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