Banana Bread

Grade 6 Level Poor Mountain Family Stories

“Is anyone going to eat these bananas?” asked Poor Mountain Mother, pointing to a bunch of bananas that have been sitting on the counter for a few days.

“No thank you,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“I don’t want any either,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

Poor Mountain Mother took the bananas over to the counter and was busy baking up a storm. Pretty soon the aroma of freshly baked banana bread smelled really good.

“That smells so good,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“Its my banana bread,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“I didn’t know that banana bread could smell so good,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

Poor Mountain Mother gave her two children a slice of the freshly baked banana bread.

“I didn’t know that banana bread could taste so good,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“How come we have never had this before? ” asked Poor Mountain Sister.

“Probably because we usually don’t have leftover bananas, ” said Poor Mountain Mother.

From that day forward the Poor Mountain Family made sure they left some bananas aside and they enjoyed eating the freshly baked banana bread that Poor Mountain Mother baked for them each week.

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