Poor Mountain Family

Happy Mother’s Day

Grade 3 Level Mother's Day Stories Poor Mountain Family Stories

“I need my dress hemmed,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Already done,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“Wow!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister. “That was fast. Thank you.”

“You are welcome,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“I need that note signed,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “I won’t be able to go on the school trip without it.”

“It is already signed,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“Thank you,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

”You are welcome,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“Were you able to make that dentist appointment for me?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is for today at one.”

“Thank you,” said Poor Mountain Father, giving Poor Mountain Mother a hug.

“You are welcome,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

Poor Mountain Mother spent the rest of the day doing chores and things that needed to be done. She never once even considered her own needs. The needs of her family always came first.

Mother’s Day came around and Poor Mountain Mother was in the kitchen. She was just about to take a roast out of the freezer when Poor Mountain Father saw what she was doing.

“You can put that back,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We are taking you out for dinner.”

“We can’t afford that,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“You just leave that to me,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We want to show you how much we appreciate what you do for us.”

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “What will I do for the rest of the day?”

“Go shopping,” said Poor Mountain Father, reaching into his pocket and handing Poor Mountain Mother a one hundred dollar bill.

“Wait a minute,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Did you sell that old tractor?”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I did. I also sold that old truck too.”

“Oh wow!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother, taking the hundred dollar bill Poor Mountain Father still had in his hand.

Poor Mountain Mother went shopping. She bought herself a new dress and she wore it to dinner that night. She had the best Mother’s Day ever.


Moral of this Story:

  • We should always appreciate what our mothers do for us.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Father gave Poor Mountain Mother money so she could go shopping for herself because she looks after everyone else’s needs instead of her own.

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