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Arrow Gets a New Platform Bed and Mattresses

Arrow Stories Grade 4 Level Story Written For You

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Arrow, a two year old, fat and furry cat, knew that Mommy wanted to go and buy herself a new bed. He had heard her talking about it for months and months.

A new bed would be so comfortable, said Mommy several times. I know I could really use a good nights sleep.

Mommy has back issues and has not been sleeping very well at all. She has dreamt of buying a new bed for so long but always thought a new bed would be well out of her price range.

“Yes,” said Daddy. “We do need a new bed. Lets go out shopping today for one.”

“I think we should try buying a new bed online,” said Mommy. “I saw a really cool website, Wholesale Furniture Brokers. They have a lot of really nice beds for a pretty good price.”

Arrow was so excited. He wanted a new bed to sleep in. He could only think of himself sleeping in until noon every single day, just getting up to eat and then climbing right back into a nice new bed.

Mommy and Daddy started looking at Wholesale Furniture Brokers website. They saw one bed that really caught their eye. It was the Coronado Beechwood Low Profile Platform Bed.

“I really like to colour of it,” said Mommy. “It would brighten up our bedroom.”

“Yes,” said Daddy. “It sure would.”

Arrow sat on the couch while Mommy and Daddy were looking at the website on Mommy’s netbook. He was wagging his tail and purring so loudly that both Mommy and Daddy had to look away from the netbook and look at him.

“I sure hope he isn’t thinking what I think he is thinking,” said Mommy, reaching over to pet Arrow.

“As if we are going to buy a new bed just for him,” laughed Daddy.

“I will share,” thought Arrow to himself. “Maybe.”

Mommy and Daddy looked at a few more platform beds online. They really liked the idea of a platform bed over a conventional bed because with platform beds you don’t need a box spring mattress.

“Gee, while we are shopping for new bedroom furniture, we may as well get a new mattress too,” said Mommy, now searching for mattresses.

“Well,” thought Arrow to himself. “I know I am not going to share the bed and mattress at all, hee hee. I will be just too comfortable.”

Mommy saw the mattress she wanted. It looked so comfortable. It was the 8 Eloquence II Memory Foam Mattress.

“Oh,” said Mommy. “I can just imagine having a good nights sleep for a change. It is going to be so nice.”

“Yes,” said Daddy. “Lets go ahead and order it.”

Mommy and Daddy ordered their new bed and mattress. It only took them a couple of minutes to place the order. Once their order was placed, they would have to wait for a few weeks for it to be delivered to them. However, because of the customer service they received and the price they were able to get the bed and mattress for, they knew they could wait for a few weeks.

A few weeks later, Mommy received a phone call stating that their bed was going to be delivered to them the next day. They were so excited. The next day, they took their old bed out and awaited the new one.

“Wow!” exclaimed Arrow, when he saw the old bed being taken out. “We must be getting our new bed today.”

Arrow was an extra special good boy that whole day. He didn’t get in the way once while Mommy and Daddy setup the new bed. He just stayed back and watched, thumping his tail up and down and sideways in excitement.

A few minutes later, Mommy was putting the sheets on the new bed. Arrow just couldn’t resist. He jumped up on the bed and thought he would help Mommy make it. He just couldn’t believe how comfortable the bed was. He fell asleep in seconds.

That night, Mommy and Daddy went to bed and they had to pick Arrow right up from the bed. He was lying right in the middle of it. Arrow was sound asleep and purring like crazy. They set Arrow down on the floor and once they were both in bed, Arrow crawled right back up onto the bed and went back to sleep.

Whenever Mommy and Daddy cannot find Arrow, all they have to do is go into the bedroom and there would be Arrow all sprawled out on the new bed, just as comfortable as can be.

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