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I created the character Silly SnakeSilly SnakeSilly Snake does silly things. He lives alone. His mother lives in the city, whom he visits frequently. Mrs. Robin is his friend. for no other reason than to bring some fun to my stories. Some people may think that I like snakes because Silly Snake is a friendly and outgoing character. However, that is the furthest from the truth. I do not like snakes one single bit.

Snakes, spiders and rats are three creatures I absolutely detest. Maybe, subconsciously, I am trying to get over my fear of snakes by writing about them but I am not even sure about that.

Usually when I create a character I don’t sit and contemplate on the character. I don’t write a lengthy character profile of them. I start writing and the character just flows out as I am writing. The personality of the character develops as I write and the character itself grows with each story I write about them. If I like the character I created, I will use him/her in other stories.

You can read Silly Snake stories here.

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